Who is ControlFreq?

A message from the founder...

ControlFreq was formed back in 2007. We've continued to evolve GSM technology into tomorrow's solutions for a wide range of industries & applications, developing an appetite for interesting technical problems to solve for our customers. ControlFreq2.0 is dedicated to helping trade & industry overcome legacy challenges, using modern day mobile technology. We employ tried & trusted hardware, software and experience to deliver products, services and support our customers trust.

Noel Sesto - Founder & Managing Director

– Our Team –

Noel Sesto

Managing Director

Noel founded the company after decades of experience in electronic automations, access control, door entry and security. Noel handles anything technical and oversees the ongoing direction of the company. He also manages a number of operational aspects of the business.

Stephanie Battams

Business Manager

Steph runs the day to day operations, e-commerce and customer service keeping the wheels turning and customers happy. Styeph oversees operations and project management to ensure delivery on time and haslle free handovers. If it happens at ControlFreq, Steph knows about it.

Steve Passmore

Product Manager

Steve is an ex Nokia RF radio engineer from back in the beginnings of mobile. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and keen eye for detail making sure our products are the best they can possibly be. Steve handles quality control, stock management and product design reviews.

Tomaž Hribar

Hardware Engineer [R&D]

Tomaž is a highly skilled GSM Hardware Engineer. He has been involved in ControlFreq since day one. He's the driving force behind the hardware and manages everything that goes into it. Tomaž has created a universally compatiible range of technology for a wide range of applications. 

Jože Vrtar

Hardware & Software Engineer [R&D]

Jože is a highly skilled GSM Hardware & Software Engineer. He manages all aspects of software from device firmware through apps, servers and API. Jože has also been involved in ControlFreq since the start when every idea was a test and every test was a step closer to where we are today.

Aleš Eržen

App & Software Developer

Aleš is a highly skilled App & API Software Developer. He handles all aspects of app development for ControlFreq. Aleš creates custom apps for special applications manages the design, implementation, testing and updating of all apps provided by ControlFreq.

Why ControlFreq?

When you buy ControlFreq, you don't just buy a product – you're investing in the peace of mind that when it really counts, it works – and if you have any issues, we'll be there – any day of the week. ControlFreq stands for quality & reliability above all else which is why we offer a free *lifetime warranty on selected products. 

*Lifetime warranty for trade only

Mobile first, always.

We do GSM, only GSM and, some say, the best GSM. Every visitor to ControlFreq brings a challenge. More often than not we have GSM kit off-the-shelf, for next-day delivery, complete with SIM card and, if required, professional setup support. If any level of customisation is required, or you'd like to discuss a specific technical challenge, book a 15 minute 'solution-discovery' call with a solution expert. 

Recurring Revenue

Next-day Delivery

Lifetime warranty*

7-day Phone Support

Dedicated to GSM

ControlFreq2.0 is dedicated to helping trade & industry overcome legacy challenges, using the best mobile technology we can possibly make. Our 15 yeqrs experience dedicated to GSM technology puts us in a strong position to provoide the best solutions for the new wave of technology about to change the way mobile communications are handled, globally. We employ tried & trusted hardware ready for the future (voLTE). We make our own software and experience to deliver products, services & support our customers trust.

We think different.

ControlFreq is a solution innovator working with other solution innovators to create the best things we can. We've earned our stripes over a 15 year improvement journey developing back-end systems and professional partners. ControlFreq stands for premium quality, rock-solid reliability and helpful tech support. In 2022, ControlFreq2.0 launches a 4G GSM intercom with a lifetime 'trade' warranty, new concepts in remote alarm monitoring and simple, yet powerful, 4G technology to modernise any access control system in less than an hour. Join us!