• Mobile tech to secure, protect, control & monetise remote assets.

    Get remote assets under control anywhere, anytime using any device. Buy professional GSM hardware + online services with 7-day phone support.

  • Your phone is the key.

    Simplify user access using convenient & secure mobile technology.

  • Early warning detection

    Remotely manage & monitor valuable assets to avoid damage, hassle or expense caused by system faults.

  • Get instant notifications for any event

    Monitor virtually any event using a sensor + clever little box from us!

  • Is that a doorbell in your pocket?

    Answer intercom calls using mobile phones from anywhere. Door entry with no limits!

  • Taxi firms, generate more fares!

    Depoly a robust, all-weather, anti-vandal,  3G taxi freephone branded to your comany.

  • Get support when you need it!

    Phone us 7 days or email for a rapid response

  • TouchFree & Mobile = The Way Forward

    In a new world, what matters more than ever is technology that helps not hinders.