• Control Freq is about Total Control.

    Designed for Installers, Managers & Landlords to Maintain Secure Control of Entrances, Buildings or Equipment.

  • Control Freq is Instant Monitoring

    in the Palm of your Hand so the Right People are Always Informed First!

  • Control Freq is Instant Contact 

    with any Phones You Choose...

    Never Miss Important Alarms!

  • Control Freq is Designed for People 

    Who Want to Remotely Manage User Access for Secure Properties!

  • Control Freq is your Mobile Intercom

    It's a Door Concierge in your Pocket... Access Anywhere, Anytime!

  • Smart Mobile Systems to remotely secure, monitor or control anything, anywhere, anytime, using any device.

  • Control Freq Supports Installers!

    Reliable Kit, Highly Configurable, Easy to Set up & Install with 7 Day Support!