Web-based Software Service
for Remote Signal Monitoring


Real-Time Alarm & Fault Reporting 

WebAlarm® is a web-based alarm receiving platform designed to provide a real-time monitoring window into an estate of any size. Regardless of the 3rd alarm system being monitored, WebAlarm is a simple add-on to transform the way your alarm events are communicated with the appropriate personell, as it happens!

  • Connectivity monitored
  • SMS, voice, email & web 
  • Early warning system 

Instant alarm signals sent to SMS, voice, email & ARC.

  • Fully event logged
  • Custom OEM branding
  • Web-based software!

 WebAlarm® Overview

Remotely monitor remote assets, in real-time, from a web browser!

It really is as easy as it sounds. Simple bit of kit on site, SIM card and a web browser. Your assets, being monitored remotely – onine.

Service-based companies, responsible for technical system uptime, it's important to know in realtime exactly what's happening on client sites. 

WebAlarm is designed to operate like an in-house 'alarm receiving centre' (A.R.C.) – from a web-browser. It can also simultaneously send some alarm signal triggers to an emergency response ARC for pure system visibility internally and externally.

WebAlarm® event logs all live & test signal events while also live monitoring the connectivity of the mobile GSM hardware.

WebAlarm® is  a live window into the alarm condition on estate of any size providing service & support engineers  pro-active insight into clients' hardware in the field.

Upgrade Legacy SMS diallers to WebAlarm®FLOW

WebAlarm®FLOW is a fully automated alarm notification delivery service – triggered by an SMS from any ControlFreq or 3rd party system.  The FLOW runs when a trigger SMS is received with any 'trigger word'.

View WebAlarm®FLOW