WebAlarm® Remote Monitoring Software

Remotely monitor virtually any remote fault or alarm condition on 3rd party panels, equipment or sensors using ControlFreq 4G alarm communicators & WebAlarm®.


Real-time fault & Alarm Reporting 

WebAlarm® is a web-based alarm receiving platform designed to provide a real-time monitoring window into an estate of any size. Regardless of the 3rd system being monitored, WebAlarm can be tailored to suit using industry-standard 'Contact-ID' codes or customised coding to display the specific incoming fault or alarm condition.

  • Instant Monitoring
  • Instant notifications
  • Fully event logged
  • SMS, voice & email notification
  • Custom OEM branding
  • Professional management tool


Remotely monitor on-site GSM hardware from any web browser...

Alarm receiving software with device mobile connectivity monitoring inbuilt...

Traditional Alarm Receiving Centre (A.R.C.) offer emergency services response to ensure police and fire are called when required.

As a service based company responsible for making sure the on-site systems are fully operational, it's important to know, in realtime, exactly what's happening on your mobile-connected hardware.

WebAlarm event logs all the live and test events while also live monitoring the connected state of the mobile hardware. This window into your client estates enables pro-active service response and minimises the risk of failed alarm reporting.