1. Control Freq are creative problem solvers not 'box shifters'

2. The problem you want to solve is the reason we exist

3. Solutions 'off the shelf' is only half of what we offer

and 4. When you want a GSM intercom, GSM auto-dialler or some kind of GSM control system that's easy to install & manage we do that too.

"I started Control Freq Ltd in March 2007 with access control in mind. The time wasn't right like it is now. Our 3G GSM/GPRS electronics are the most advanced and reliable cloud ready products suitable for any country on any GSM/3G network. In 2017 we release new door entry panel designs using industry first materials and methods".

Noel Sesto, CEO, 2017



A new era in mobile security, control and alarm technology is here. We're Cloud ready, 3G ready and 4G ready. Are you? 

In Q1 2017 we're building new design intercoms, we have 'second to none' online functionality & we're nimble enough to provide custom GSM solutions for your application.

Unlike other suppliers, Control Freq offers the best rate SIM cards as part of the deal, free web and app based system set up and 7 day phone support.


Control Freq has got you covered no matter where in the world you are. We offer 2G & 3G models of GSM intercom, access, alarm, monitoring and remote control.

If you're interested in our history, allow us to introduce you to the beginnings of Control Freq below... or, if you'd prefer to dive straight in, choose a product category above and browse.

Call us on +44(0)1273 257060 - 7 days (GMT) if you'd like some helpful advice for your application.


"By 2015 every man, his dog and even his dog's collar will be connected to the internet".
Noel Sesto, Control Freq Ltd circa 2007

Control Freq was started by Noel Sesto in 2007. Noel was born in London and moved to Perth, Australia with his family when he was 6 years old. He began working for a company called Bollinger Automation (which is still running today) from the age of 19, training as an Electrical Engineer. After many years experience in automation, access control, door entry, alarm, CCTV and integrated solutions, he made a move to Europe to spend a few years in Spain with family. After a couple of years travelling the world, he finally decided to set up a business in London based around his own professional experience in the access, door entry and automation industry. Control Freq was born.

The idea to set up a business came about from an understanding within the automation industry, in particular Property Management. Working with Property Managers he recognised constant user access issues. So many properties, so many gates and doors, PIN codes, keyfobs, all different brands, tenants moving in and out, lost fobs or broken fobs. This was and still is a major hassle on a daily basis for a Property Manager. Then there's stolen fobs that can't be removed from the system individually which compromise property security. So with all that in mind, Noel decided to come up with an idea that made all of that go away. One universal solution that meant every property could be accessed by multiple people and managed remotely without any hassle. This is what he developed...

Solving a problem is great, or so he thought. The bigger problem was, Property Managers didn't seem to see it the same way. See in 2007, mobile phone technology was not as it is today. It was not an intrinsic part of our daily lives, as it is now. They told him "no way, controlling gates with mobile phones will never take off" .... 

Here's a testimonial from a Property Manager he helped in the years to follow. As it happens, Property Managers are now a substantial part of Control Freq's customers.

In any case, not to be put off, Noel set off with a new vision, to find a new problem using the same GSM mobile technology to solve it. He looked inwards, into his own experience, his own frustrations, his own view of what was and wasn't available and how they could be better. This is when the GSM intercom was born.

The GSM intercom became the foreseeable future for Control Freq. That said, Control Freq has always provided solutions and never serviced just one market. GSM intercoms for Control Freq opened up many other opportunities aside from the typical door entry / security market. It is now used as a Taxi freephone, emergency phone, hotel / B&B after hours intercom, information call point, home door entry, business door entry, apartment door entry to name a few. That said, 

Control Freq has gone on to develop 3G / GSM alarm monitoring for properties, plant & equipment, remote control applications and even remotely manageable access control for car parking providers. 

No matter where in the World you are, if you need specialist advice on GSM / 2G / 3G / GPRS / IoT or want to discuss a custom application, please call us. +44(0)1273 257060...  7 days. 

"If you appreciate exceptional service, after sales support and products that have been fully scrutinised before offering them to you, don't listen to us, check what our customers have to say".

Noel Sesto


Control Freq Ltd

...In business from 2007 to 2017. Finally the technology we believed in, persisted with and focused on constantly, is being relied upon daily for practical wireless solutions to everyday problems for home, work and industry. The future is bright now with full app and web capabilities, Control Freq GSM products continue to evolve.