A GSM auto-dialler, is a useful addition to the safety and security of any building. Calls from a GSM GSM autodialer are received as a normal phone call on mobile or landline phones, wherever the user happens to be. Some GSM autodiallers can also be monitored by a professional alarm receiving centre (ARC) to ensure alarm activations are handled efficiently and professionally. GSM autodiallers operate on SIM card mobile technology so they can be installed virtually anywhere to provide instant remote monitoring of virtually anything. GSM autodiallers require minimal wiring making them ideal for retrofit applications. GSM autodiallers offer a range of functionality not possible with traditional landline dialler systems. Control Freq GSM autodiallers have industry-standard police response ARC monitoring protocol inbuilt. Control Freq has been supplying GSM autodiallers to trade installers for over 12 years. Reliability is at the core of everything we do. Our GSM autodiallers come with a 3-year replacement warranty, 7-day phone support and remote online management. GSM auto-dialler systems enable remote monitoring of virtually anything. Typical applications are intruder or fire alarms however applications include mission-critical plant, machinery and mechanical systems. GSM autodiallers can monitor alarms or stand-alone sensors. Fault condition relay contacts from a 3rd party control systems can also be monitored. If you're looking to monitor something remotely, you're in the right place! Call our 7-day technical desk on +44(0)20 3478 0786 if you have any questions.