GSM access control is a light at the end of a tunnel and a forward-thinking upgrade to any property with secure access. GSM access control uses mobile technology to remotely manage user access to doors, gates, barriers, shutters etc. In January 2020 Control Freq has released a new range of GSM access control named FUSION. FUSION ACCESS is a range of traditional access control methods, combined with controllers running the latest mobile technology. This offers is easy to implement access control without wiring in virtually any location. The mobile technology enables the GSM access controller to connect wirelessly to the internet giving system administrators remote user management from any web browser, smartphone or tablet. GSM access control is the new way to do access control. No complicated software. No expensive proprietary keyfobs or service contracts. GSM access control by Control Freq is easy to manage and will run in tandem with existing access control to assist phasing out the old to bring in the new, with absolutely no disruption to the existing system or users. GSM access control operates on SIM card mobile technology so it can be installed virtually anywhere to provide instant access control for an unlimited amount of users, all managed remotely. GSM access control requires minimal wiring making it ideal for retrofit applications. FUSION GSM ACCESS offers a unique remotely managed solution to combat unauthorised car park access when keyfobs aren't given back at the end of a tenancy. This compromises carpark security and affects revenue. FUSION ultra-secure radio remote control have a unique serial ID which can be added, deleted and managed just like an access fob or car. This flexibility enables the administrator the ability to control carpark access by disabling individual keyfobs that aren't returned.FUSION GSM access control also includes pincode keypad access, contactless proximity access, long-range vehicle detect access, QR barcode reader access and ANPR (automatic numberplate recognition) access. Reliability is at the core of everything we do. Our GSM access control comes with a 3-year replacement warranty, 7-day phone support and remote online management. Control Freq offers a turnkey access control service, with API user management for parking operators, to tap into the on-demand parking marketplace being driven by strong consumer adoption of location-based parking apps. FUSION GSM access control systems enable parking operators to provide seamless access to users, valid only for the time of their booking, while maintaining carpark security for the building owner. This is all managed remotely using SIM card based mobile technology GSM access control from Control Freq. If you're looking to manage the secure access to any property or carpark, you're in the right place!Call our 7-day technical desk on +44(0)20 3478 0786 if you have any questions.