A GSM intercom is a worthy addition to the perimeter security of any building. Calls from a GSM intercom can be received as a normal phone call on mobile or landline phones, wherever the user happens to be. As a GSM intercom has no distance limits, the user could be in the property or on the other side of the world. The visitor doesn't know if the user is home or not which protects the property from would-be burglars using the GSM intercom to check if someone is in. For this reason, a GSM intercom is a better choice than a traditional intercom system. GSM intercoms require no wiring back to the property making them ideal for retrofit applications. They require only power to operate which can be obtained through wiring to an existing intercom to be replaced. GSM intercoms offer a range of functionality not possible with traditional door entry systems. Control Freq GSM intercoms have inbuilt industry-standard access control features to make managing resident, guest and visitor access secure and easy to manage. Control Freq has been making GSM intercoms for over 12 years. Reliability is at the core of everything we do. Our GSM intercoms come with a 3-year replacement warranty, 7-day phone support and remote online management. The new FUSION GSM intercom range offers a 5-year warranty, standard, and is fully customisable to complement the aesthetics of any property. FUSION boasts a finishing process with over 14,000 available colours with each unit painted to order using an industrial spray coating process unseen in the door entry industry. A range of exclusive metal surfaces such as aged bronze, antique brass, copper, gunmetal, special textured finished including aged variations of metal finishes brings an individual character to FUSION GSM intercoms which makes them an ideal consideration for listed buildings, branding or unique locations. FUSION GSM intercoms combine the latest web-enabled mobile technology with premium aesthetics unlike anything else in the security industry. Contact us on +44(0)20 3478 0786 to discuss a custom design application or shop the products above. See the FUSION GSM products here and please contact us about customisations.