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Power Supply test - Control Freq UK

Power Supply test

Rock solid 3G GSM intercom for long term reliable residential or commercial use!

  • Never miss deliveries or visitors again

  • Improve security - Appear to be in when you're not!

  • Free & App for set up + remote control & user access management

  • Latest 3G model! Works anywhere in the world!

  • 3 year replacement warranty!

Designed to operate on 2G or 3G in any country! It features a stainless steel, anti-vandal all-weather design. It has exceptional digital audio quality and allows you to remotely control any door or gate from your mobile or landline phone.

Control Freq GSM intercoms are door entry systems with full integrated, web ready access control panels. It's not just a basic intercom. It's what you need it to be. Want to connect it to an existing access system? You can! Want to use proximity keyfobs with it and manage the users online? You can! This GSM entry system has the ability to morph from a simple audio intercom to your phone into as access control powerhouse just by changing a few settings. If you've got questions, call us 7 days! Otherwise, checkout below and we'll have a unit shipped to you by tomorrow! (Orders pre 1pm).

Included free: Web browser system management, free configuration & remote control apps & PC software on the platforms you prefer...

Control Freq 3G GSM systems work with all platforms, call all types of phone & operate on any SIM

Some typical applications of this system are...

  • Front door / gate entry intercom

  • Home office / garden room

  • B&B / guesthouse

  • Retrofit an existing intercom or doorbell in minutes! 

If you need a bit of advice, call our helpful 7 day support line for the answers you need.

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Q. Will it work in my country?

  • Yes, it works on any 2G/3G (5 band GSM: 850/900/1800/1950/2100Mhz) mobile network in any country.

Q. Is it easy to install?

  • Yes, if you can use a drill (to fit it), a screwdriver (to do it up) and the internet (to set it up) you can do it yourself.

Q. Are there apps for it??

  • Yes, free iPhone & Android apps. You can use a web browser to set it from a PC, Mac or any other smartphone browser

Q. How much does it cost to run?

  • This depends on your SIM card. You can limit your costs with a low cost contract SIM. You can also restrict the call timer length. A function to avoid voicemail is also a way to avoid call costs.

Q. Will it open my gate or door lock?

  • Yes. There are no restrictions at all. It will open anything and also has dual switch functionality if you want to hold the gate open for a set time.

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Product Code: SOLO1-3G

£287.10 (incl. VAT)

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Power Supply test - Control Freq UK

Power Supply test