The Ultimate Nagger! This 3G GSM auto-dialler will send out alarms and repetitive intervals and preset time delays until acknowledged. It’s impossible to miss!

  • Receive SMS alarms to 10 user phones with auto-repeat SMS function

  • Multi function: Single SMS, Multiple SMS or calls & SMS alerts

  • Works on any 3G network globally

  • Only 10 minutes to install & set up!

  • 3 Year replacement warranty!

  • Sends persistent SMS to up to 10 users with delay time between
  • Calls up to 10 numbers landline or mobile
  • Monitor intruder and fire alarms + literally any type of sensor/s
  • 4 alarm inputs (4 individual zones)
  • 4 remote control outputs
  • Remotely control anything with a 'Caller ID' free call
  • Control alarm functions (arm / disarm) remotely by phone
  • Record audio messages for alarm calls received
  • Customised SMS message per input
  • Audio voice call alarm (optional headset)
  • Battery back up (optional battery back up kit)
  • LED signal and indicator display
  • Easy to set up by SMS
  • Free PC set up software
  • Metal enclosure with antenna
  • 3G model for global operation
  • 12-24V AC or DC supply 
  • 4 alarm inputs (fully configurable N/O or N/C triggered high or low)
  • 4 x remote control outputs
  • 1 x customised text per alarm input
  • 10 second recorded message per alarm input
  • Battery back up and power fail / restore alerts
  • LED status indicator for network, signal and alarm activity
  • 2 x anti-tamper switches
  • SMS alerts for non-authorised use, network failure and more

Sends multiple SMS to multiple users to ensure the alarm can not be missed. It can be predefined how many people and how many times. The PRO+SMS sends SMS text messages in a series with set delay time in between. For example, users can receive say 5 messages 1 minute apart ensuring a constant nagging on alarm or monitored zone activity. Designed to protect! GSM auto-dialler that can send an SMS alert to up to 10 users and repeat the SMS alert at set intervals. If you don't want to miss an SMS alarm the PRO+SMS makes sure you don't!