GSM intercom with keypad (3G) Architectural design for up to 200 properties

Product Code: FUSION200K


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Product Code: FUSION200K

Product Code: FUSION200K


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FUSION200K GSM intercom (3G/4G/LTE) with pin code keyless entry includes a 3-year warranty. Available off-the-shelf with custom laser etching to suit the client and finished in a premium brushed stainless steel with black or gunmetal anodised back enclosure. FUSION200K is also available in a range of customisable finishes to complement the visual appeal of any property. FUSION200K is the ew premium 3G/4G/LTE GSM door entry system designed for easy to manage multi-tenanted access. It has a selectable call/trade button with timeclock control, pinpad for keyless access and remote online configuration to make it easy to manage residents ongoing.

FUSION200K enters the market as probably the most robust and customisable entry system available yet it maintains it's elegance by showing no visible fixings, modern design form and beautiful finishing options - Enhance the visual appeal of your property. Ask us what 'Fusion' could be for you.

Key points

  • Inbuilt user access control system

  • Manage user access via app or web for secure access

  • Hi-spec digital audio calls to phones of your choice

  • Calls 2 phones per property landline and/or mobile by pressing flat no. #

  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel & anodised finish standard

  • The highest weather-proofing of any door entry system (IP65)

  • SmartMesh® water & dust repellent speaker mesh

  • Rapid-Fit design by Engineers for Engineers

  • Remote door release by phone for authorised users

  • Pinpad access for keyless entry & temporary user access

  • Inbuilt time-clocks to automatically open & close gates

  • Web & App management of user access

The FUSION200K GSM intercom system is produced from rust-proof materials (aluminium and 316 stainless steel) for internal and external components. The backbox is machined from a solid block of aluminium then anodised in black or gun-metal.

It is available as a special order, power-coated (any RAL colour) or fully painted customisation options to support special design requirements or branding. The front fascia is fabricated from 316 brushed stainless steel, referred to as 'marine-grade'. The robust enclosure protects our flagship 3G/4G intercom controller from weather, bugs and vandalism while maintaining an elegant form.

The quality doesn't stop with what you can see. The internal components are made from aluminium and stainless steel for rigidity and longevity. Every component has been designed, prototyped and produced, from the ground up, by a professional Mechanical Design Engineer over 8 months, with no expense spared.

Another major focus, aside from aesthetics, has been on ease of installation and weatherproofing. The unit boasts IP56 weather rating, the highest possible rating for a door entry system.

The internal components have been given the same attention. A layer of silicone grease lines the space between the stainless fascia and water-cut silicone gasket to give the maximum amount of seal around all potential water ingress points. A clever leverage system on the front panel enables the front face to seal evenly around all edges using only one screw under the base.

The circuit board is fully lacquered for additional moisture protection. The enclosure is designed for clear audio in noisy environments. 

FUSION200K has an inbuilt access control system with timed user access, door position monitoring, event logging and remote management for securing property entrances effectively.

FUSION200K includes a long list of convenient features for the end-user. Using the free app the user can automatically time-control gates, doors, lights or various other things around the property. The system easily interfaces with existing smart-home systems, CCTV cameras and all fire/intruder panels for a fully integrated security solution starting right out at the property perimeter.

In addition to the functional aspects of the FUSION1K, the user can choose from multiple aesthetic options to perfectly compliment any property entrance.

Customisation options available POA.


  • Calls 5 numbers landline or mobile

  • Door release by phone

  • Dial in free to open door

  • PIN code keypad entry

  • Set PIN codes by SMS

  • After hours 'disable call button' function

  • After hours it can call a preset A/H number

  • Easy to install

  • Quick configuration by SMS, PC, APP or Web browser

  • Surface mount

  • All weather design

  • 12-24V AC or DC supply (12VDC 1A included)

  • Digital hi-spec audio quality

  • IP65 stainless steel LED backlit pinpad with blue LED backlight (white available for custom designs)

  • IP56 weather proofing

  • Dust and water repellent SmartMesh® speaker mesh

  • 3G standard - 4G/LTE optional

  • 2 x door release for any type of door lock, electric gate, shutter etc.

  • 1000 caller ID users (dial to open doors)

  • 1000 unique PIN codes

  • 100 temporary PIN codes with time/date management

  • 2 x alarm inputs (press to exit button or alarms by SMS)

  • CCTV and alarm integration (pan to door on call press / gate left open alert by SMS)

  • Switchboard handling supported

  • Microphone and speaker volume adjustment


FUSION200K is available in two standard options:
1. Brushed stainless fascia with black anodised backbox
2. Brushed stainless fasia with gun-metal anodised backbox.

FUSION200K is also a customisable product to support client brand guidelines or special applications. The options for customisation are currently, speaker mesh colour, backbox colour/finish, front fascia design/label/laser, industrial spray coating in 14,000 colours. Speak to our technical desk about your requirements on +44(0)20 3478 0786. Sample photography of coated units will be available mid-March 2020.

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What are the UK delivery options?

We use DPD for all next day UK deliveries. Automatic SMS & email tracking updates sent to the receiver.

  • [STANDARD] 2-3 Day Recorded Delivery: £8.00
  • [EXPRESS] Next Day (2 days H'lands, Islands & N.I.) Cut off 1pm (GMT): £11.00
  • (URGENT) Next Day by 12pm [UK ONLY - Cut off 1pm GMT] Excl. H'lands & Islands: £18.00
  • [SATURDAY] UK ONLY Order cut off 13:00 hrs Friday: £23.00
  • Call for special requests

What are the international delivery options?

We use all international couriers appropriately selected based on the destination. Automatic SMS & email tracking updates sent to the receiver. For pricing, please proceed with a purchase to the shipping page for pricing based on the destination address.

Which of SIM cards does it work with?

Any SIM with voice and SMS enabled. Data also required to use the web and/or app services.

How is the system configured?

You can set up the device using SMS text message, local PC (USB cable) or remotely using our App or Web browser platforms.

Do you provide phone support?

Yes 7-days on +44(0)20 3478 0786. If you call outside of normal business hours you may get voicemail however an after-hours engineer will call you back within our 7 day support time schedules. 8-6 Monday-Friday, 10-5 Saturday, 11-4 Sunday.

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