LCD-4G | Anti-vandal GSM intercom - 200 way with LCD & Keypad

  • Digital LED backlit LCD namescroll screen
  • Intercom calls on 2 phones per property
  • Door release by phone keypad
  • Custom laser-etching (included)
  • Web-based configuration & user management
  • Dedicated trade or direct-call button

Product Detail

LCD-4G | Anti-vandal GSM intercom - 200 way with LCD & Keypad

Multi-occupancy door entry, managed online, quickly & easily.

The LCD-4G is a GSM intercom & web-managed access control system designed for multiple occupancy residential or commercial properties. The LCD screen shows the name associated with each property.

The unit calls 2 phone numbers per property standard. There is an optional 'hunt-goup' dialling 'paid' service allowing any indivdual property to have calls to multiple phone numbers, simultaneously, reducing the risk of missed deliveries.

With the 'hunt-group' service, the first person to answer the call takes the call – the other phones will stop ringing. Door release is available by pressing 1 on the phone handset during the call.

The entire system is managed remotely by web browser with a smartphone app also available.

The unit is a robust design with brushed stainless steel fascia, laser-etched to suit and a powercoated stainless steel surface backbox.

The IP68 antenna is pre-fitted into the top of the unit eliminating the need to install an external antenna, saving substantial installation time and hassle.

The stainless steel keys on the unit are LED backlit with an IP68 silicone membrane for maximum protection against the ingress of water and dust.

The unit operates on 2G/3G and 4G with a 4G (vo-LTE ready) module onboard for the ultimate in futureproofed mobile connectivity.

Door release can be activated during a call an also at any other time by authorised Caller-ID 'free-call', SMS, App, Web-browser or via  preset times via the inbuilt 24/7/365 time-clocks (2).

The audio quality, with inbuilt noise cancelling and fully adjustable microphone and speaker levels is nothing short of perfect.

Configuration and user management is done via web-browser or smartphone app, which while primarily designed for technical personell, can also be used by property managers or on-site staff.

ControlFreq apps are intended for an installer to offer a managed service to end-clients, thereby generating recurring service revenue, while providing the best possible managed service to the client – supported by ControlFreq, 7-days.

Optional Add-ons

External Antennas

Managed Services