• GKEY-TOUCH is simple Web & App managed access control
  • 'Piggyback' existing access systems to phase out old cards / fobs with NO hassle!
  • Simple Web browser and App user admin
  • Low cost to implement and cheaper to run than all other access systems
  • NOTE: *Electric locking system not included (this is compatible with any lock or gate)
  • User mobile phones as access / entry 'cards'
  • Manage user access rights online
  • Full event logging
  • Non-authorised use alarm by SMS / web / email
  • Manage or monitor access remotely 
  • Manage visitor access with temporary PIN codes 
  • Custom designed applications
  • OPTIONAL: GKey card reader (for exit)
  • OPTIONAL: GFob remote control with GKey ID tag inside (main gate remote control / pedestrian gate proximity access)
  • OPTIONAL: GKEY-PIN PIN code keypad for keyless access by code
  • Wiegand Input and Output to integrate with existing access readers
  • Up to 50 authorised users
  • 2 door release relays
  • 12-24V AC or DC power supply input
  • SMS, PC, Web and App configuration
  • 1015 event log
  • API integration available
  • Works alongside any existing access or entry system
  • Call +44(0)127325 70 60 to discuss technical or integration aspects of this system. GKEY works alongside all types of entry systems.


GKEY-TOUCH is a PIN & PROX touchscreen mobile phone access control system that works on the 'mobile cloud' via a SIM card. It enables up to 1000 authorised users to open an electric door or gate using a PIN and / or a GKEY-DOT adhesive ID tag!  The GKEY-PAD PIN code keypad has a GKEY-DOT reader built in. Exit by 'press-to-exit' button or slave keypad using the same PIN as entry.

The GKEY-TOUCH enables authorised users to control any kind of electric lock, gate, barrier, shutter etc anywhere in the world. It doesn't even require phone battery or internet to operate. It's the perfect way to transition from outdated access control to a 21st century Web managed system, without the hassle of incompatibility or expense of a completely new infrastructure. Utilise what you have and phase it out.


The GKEY-TOUCH unit can integrate via Wiegand, RS232, RS485, SMS, GPRS and API with other systems. If you need something it doesn't do, we can customise it. Just give us a call on +44(0)1273 25 70 60 and let us know what you want to achieve.