The GKEY-FOB is next generation high security radio remote control technology. GKEY-FOB have a unique serial ID which can be added or removed from the system instantly by logging in to the Web browser or smartphone app to add/delete the serial number from the system. It's that simple. Remotely managed in-house by the managing agent or property owner.

Included in the base price is the GKEY radio receiver and Web connected GSM controller. To complete the system, choose 'Buy Now' then add how many GKEY-FOBS you need.

  • GKEY-FOB is the most advanced radio remote control available
  • 'Piggyback' existing access systems to phase out old fobs with NO hassle!
  • Simple Web browser and App to ad or delete fobs remotely
  • Restrict GKEY-FOBS to preset time frames
  • Enable 1 GKEY-FOB to open gates at multiple properties with preset times
  • Full online event log of user access
  • Receive SMS alert to Admin mobile no. when a particular GKEY-FOB is used
  • Keeloq code-hopping technology
  • Battery save inbuilt for longer battery lift
  • Full event logging online
  • SMS alert to Admin when certain FOBS are used
  • Manage or monitor user access from any web browser, iPhone or Android app. 
  • Add up to 1000 fobs
  • 1 door release relay
  • 12-24V AC or DC power supply input
  • SMS, PC, Web and App configuration
  • 1015 event log
  • API integration available
  • Works alongside any existing access or entry system
  • Call +44(0)127325 70 60 to discuss technical or integration aspects of this system. GKEY works alongside all types of entry system.

GKEY-FOB is a radio remote control just how one would expect but internally it has more. The radio receiver has mobile connectivity giving it Cloud connectivity and therefor Internet based user management. Alongside the GKEY-FOB and GKEY-PIN code keypad can also be used to add the extra functionality of keyless PIN code access, also with instant Online PIN Code Management.

The GKEY-FOB works with any existing gate, shutter, barrier or door lock system. It works alongside existing kit. Transition from outdated access control to a 21st century Web managed system, without the hassle of incompatibility or expense of a completely new infrastructure. Utilise what you have now and as old fobs need replacing, replace with GKEY-FOB until the old system is completely phased out with no disruption to users or managers.

The GKEY-FOB unit integrates via Wiegand, SMS, GPRS and API with other systems. If you need something it doesn't do, we can customise it. Just give us a call on +44(0)1273 25 70 60 and let us know what you want to achieve.