UNIVERSAL 3G GSM - Control - Monitor - Communicate - Access [G2]

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Product Code: G2


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3G Multi-function GSM controller to integrate seamlessly into virtually any control, monitoring, communication, alarm or access application.

  • Access control without the hassle of rogue fobs and unauthorised users
  • All users remotely manageable online and APP
  • 1000 access and system event log - PC, App, Web 
  • Control - Monitor - Report - Communicate - Manage
  • GSM intercom audio panel compatible
  • Smartphone, PC, Web interface, RS232, RS485, Weigand IN/OUT
  • Press to exit input
  • 2 Relay outputs
  • 2 Alarm inputs
  • Audio GSM intercom add-on (optional)
  • Temperature sensor add-on (optional)
  • Battery back add-on (optional)


  • Use mobile phones as access / entry 'cards'
  • Phone number ID: Just call the system
  • Use 'adhesive dot' ID tags inside mobile phone covers for universal mobile phone 'prox' access
  • Full event logging of inputs, outputs, users, non-authorised, network events etc
  • Non-authorised use alarm by SMS / web / email
  • Manage or monitor access remotely 
  • Control door release remotely 
  • Add and delete users remotely by SMS, smartphone app, web or direct connect PC
  • Custom designed applications
  • Wiegand 26 bit Input and Output (interface with existing access control systems, card readers, keypads etc)
  • 1000 authorised user models
  • 2 door release relays
  • 12-24V AC or DC power supply input
  • SMS, PC, Web and App configuration
  • 1015 event log
  • API integration available
  • Works alongside any existing access or entry system
  • Call +44(0)1273 25 70 60 to discuss technical or integration aspects of this system. It works with all types of access or door control system.

The G2 is a multi-function 3G GSM controller with so much functionality it's hard to say what it does. It's easier to say what it doesn't do...  Not much! If you have an application that needs some flexible integration with a GSM device to provide inputs for monitoring, relay outputs for controlling, temperature probes for high / low alarms, RS485 for daisy chaining temp probes, Wiegand for interfacing with any access keypad, prox reader, biometric reader or virtually any type of control input device with a Wiegand 26 bit output, the G2 packs some serious punch.

The G2 GSM controller can integrate with other systems via Wiegand, RS232, RS485, SMS, GPRS and API. Control Freq can customise a solution if you need something specific. Give us a call on +44(0)1273 25 70 60 and let us know what you'd like to achieve.





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