The King of GSM Alarm Auto Diallers now Web & App configurable and supplied 3G standard!

  • Highly configurable for advanced monitoring applications

  • Compatible with any type alarm panel or stand alone switch or sensor

  • Grade 2 for Police response monitoring

  • Web & App configuration 

  • 3 Year replacement warranty!

  • Calls up to 10 numbers landline or mobile
  • Multi-repeat alarm version (resends alarms to multiple users - multiple times (configurable)
  • Monitor intruder and fire alarms + literally any type of sensor/s
  • 4 alarm inputs (4 individual zones)
  • 4 remote control outputs
  • Remotely control anything with a 'Caller ID' free call
  • Control alarm functions (arm / disarm) remotely by phone
  • Record audio messages for alarm calls received
  • Customised SMS message per input
  • Audio voice call alarm (optional headset)
  • Battery back up (optional battery back up kit)
  • LED signal and indicator display
  • Easy to set up by SMS
  • Free PC set up software
  • Metal enclosure with antenna
  • Global Compatibility GSM (850/900/1800/1900/2100Mhz)
  • Inbuilt 'Contact ID' protocol for alarm receiving centre (ARC) monitoring
  • 12-24V AC or DC supply 
  • 4 alarm inputs (fully configurable N/O or N/C triggered high or low)
  • 4 x remote control outputs
  • 1 x customised text per alarm input
  • 10 second recorded message per alarm input
  • Battery back up and power fail / restore alerts
  • LED status indicator for network, signal and alarm activity
  • 2 x anti-tamper switches
  • SMS alerts for non-authorised use, network failure and more

The PRO+ GSM dialer is a highly configurable event monitoring device. It suits a multitude of applications and with it's highly configurable features there really is very little it can't handle. It's ideal for any type of alarm panel, intruder or fire and can also work stand alone with any kind of sensors. It has 4 inputs (zones) which can all be individually monitored by phone. you can set it up by SMS, PC or app. It alerts users instantly by call and / or SMS in the event of activity in the monitored zone. Designed to protect, the PRO+ GSM dialler is a professional all rounder used by 100's of organisations involved in water treatment, food manufacturing, security systems, power management, refrigeration, the list goes on. If you want a solid, reliable and well built GSM dialler, look no further. With a 3 year warranty an 7 day phone support, we get you up and running quickly and make sure your system is reliable and trouble free for many years. A GSM dialer offering fail safe alarm reporting by SMS standard for various conditions such as mains fail, low battery, GSM network failure, unauthorised user, system tamper, low credit, test message...