WebAlarm is a powerfully simple web-based alarm monitoring software to receive alarm event signals in realtime, from ControlFreq GSM communicators, anywhere in the world.

While WebAlarm was initially designed to monitor fire, intruder, panic alarms, it can be used to monitor literally any asset, fixed or mobile. Using live GPS tracking WebAlarm can show mobile assets moving on the live map. The possibilities are endless.

The generic WebAlarm branding is an example of customisations offered. Ready-made hardware + custom-branded software skinned adds brand value and even includes a unique sub-domain on an SSL secure server ie: 'yourco.webalarm.co'

If it just happened, anywhere, WebAlarm is all over it, and so are you! The hardware can send instant SMS and/or voice calls to up to 10 users phones. The WebAlarm software sends out emails with event information to an unlimited number of team members. Everyone is on the same page immediately as an event occurs.

WebAlarm is a unique security operations tool your business can leverage to reduce costs, increase control, harbour insights and innovate from within while keeping a very close eye on the entire estate, locally or globally.

Join the 'new website' mailing list for the official launch of WebAlarm. The service is available now. Call 020 3478 0786 for more information on how we could help your business monitor remote assets using 4G hardware + WebAlarm.



LOGIN: Your brand or ours.

The WebAlarm branding is an example. We can skin the GUI to represent you or your client's brand as well as offer all back-end support and associated connectivity services to complete the solution with a single point of contact. Ready-made security software+hardware, on brand, with our unbeatable 7-day technical support by phone. Winner!





LIVE ALARM TABLEList view of live events

When ControlFreq communicators send alarms into WebAlarm, they appear in the LIVE screens pending operator handling. Live events are cleared as required. Historical events are stored under 'location history'.





LIVE ALARM MAP: Map view of live events

The WebAlarm map uses markers as a live status system. When all is well, they're green. Connectvity issues are signalled by a blinking amber and triggered when the device doesn't report to the server for 'x' minutes. Live alarms blink red, sound an auible tone, send emails and SMS, slack etc.





LIVE ALARM STATUS: Out-of-ordinary ARM/DISARM events

WebAlarm site managememt allows monitoring and logging of arm & disarm events in realtime. This priceless management information empowers efficient operations.




LOCATIONS & HISTORY: The historical picture.

WebAlarm locations & history allows location updates and provides an historical event log, site by site, with name, time, date filters to quickly find what you're after.





SITE MANAGEMENT: Puts the device on the map

WebAlarm site management tells the software a device exists and where. With the hardware configured via the ControlFreq web management portal, a link is made whereby the software constantly polls the hardware to check it's OK. Simultaneously, the hardware reports detected acivity instantly to the software. WebAlarm is the perfect mix of hardware, software & mobile connectivity to deliver the results you need. The perfect team.



USER MANAGEMENT: Who can do what where, logged.

WebAlarm user managementallows users with admin rights manage and monitor team activity of the wider operation.





WebAlarm. If an alarm happens, anywhere, anytime, you know - immediately!


Join the 'new website' mailing list to hear about the official launch. WebAlarm is available for demo and purchase. Call 020 3478 0786.