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Using your Apple or Android phone, you can configure, control and monitor Control Freq devices remotely. The app is a fully functional professional standard remote management tool.


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What does the Control Freq app do?


The app can be used to allocate rights to certain users. Using the web browser version of the app, found here, you can arrange devices to be managed by different users. For example, you can have a team of account managers responsible for different sites. Using the web browser app you can allocate devices to users. Those allocated devices will show up in each users profile. On the main profile, all devices are visible and manageable. 


The app is used to configure user settings and operational parameters. These include user phone numbers, PIN codes, door release timers, input delays, alarm SMS text, intercom audio settings, etc.

Remote Control

The app can be used to remotely control the relay outputs. Relay outputs are the switches on the device that control doors, gates, lights, server reset, etc. By clicking a button in the app, the remote system can be turned on, off or timed as required.

Time Clock

Time clocks enable the user to set calendarised schedules when the end device ie: gate, door, light is automatically switched on or off as set in the timer schedules. This is useful for automatically holding gates open for preset peroids or controlling lighting.

Event Logs

Event logs are used typically for access control to see who accessed a property and when. There are a number of log conditions that can be logged including relay outputs, system ie: network, resets, temperature (TEMP-3G only) and a variety of other events.

Authorised Users

The app is used to allocate certain rights or alerts to particular users. Some users may just be able to open the gate using their phone. Other users will have admin rights to allow managament of users and access rigths.

Temporary PIN codes

Temporary PIN codes enable the admin user to set PIN codes that only work for a period of time, during certain times or for only a set number of uses. This is ideal for contractor or visitor access.

Web Browser app

Using the web browser version of the app, found here, you can do more. Managing devices and users has more fucntionality in terms of how devices are shared between a team of admin users. It also has the ability to import and export the entire parameter set to a .xls file. The advantage is an installer/manager can send a spreadsheet to the end client to fill in their user list, prior to installation. The installer/manager simply uploads the .xls file to auto-populate the settings in seconds. 

Help with Apps

For more help with apps see the help centre. 

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