Access, controlled.

Customisable access control pillar with multiple access methods & remote online user management.

Exclusive design, customisable access control pillar with multiple access control methods inbuilt to cover a range of car park use cases. The remote online user management is fully integrated with JustPark & YourParkingSpace to connect with the online parking marketplace to uplift parking revenues.


Access control, managed.

Fundamentally, access control is to restrict the movement of people & vehicles through secure doors, gates & barriers. Secure gated car parks are particularly vunerable to rogue parking, usually due to the legacy access technology employed in most car parks. For secure vehicle access control with easy remote management. Get ControlFreq!

Clear benefits for installers, owners, manager & users...

  • Rapid installation
  • Fully customisable 
  • Multiple access methods
  • Apps & API management
  • QR-code reader (option)
  • Integrated with parking apps
  • Uplift parking revenue
  • OEM custom branding

 Product Information

Multiple methods of access built into one remotely managed post.

Retrofit legacy parking technology to the latest on-demand in 2 hours.

One integrated access pillar, installed in under 2 hours, to bring any secure gated car park into the 21st century!

What's the one thing that sets this access control system apart from all others? It's fully integrated with the two largest on-demand parking operaters (apps) in the U.K.. JustPark & YourParkingSpace.

What is the benefit? It allows the car park owners to maximise parking revenues by selling under-utilised parking assets on the live online parking marketplace.

ALPHAPOST-4G, a fully integrated access control system, works independently alongside any existing access system, with zero disruption. As well as being beneficial for permanent users and temporary visitors, it allows ad-hoc, on-demand users of parking apps to gain seamless access after making their booking on the app.

ControlFreq offer a single point of contact for hardware, software, SIM card connectivity & billing with 7-day phone support. ControlFreq provide the latest technology with the highest service level available to help our trade partners keep moving forward.