Secure gated entrance user access has traditionally been a hassle to manage. Whether you're the car park owner, management company or a car park sharing or on-demand valet service, it's all the same thing.  Getting users in and out without compromising security going forward is actually a bit tricky. If the remote control, fob, tag, card or PIN code gets into the wrong hands, it's the beginning of the end for security at that location... If you can't revoke an individual user's access, remotely and instantly, they could come back and park unauthorised, or worse, share it with others. 

So how do you fix that? Firstly, lose the physical entry device. We live in a wireless world of mobile and cloud technology. The user's access rights can be added instantly on-demand, remotely and for a predefined period of time, as and when authorised. 

Imagine, from a web browser, being able to set a user's access to 'authorised' between 9am - 5pm for 2 days in the future... The system adds a PIN code to #PIN2Park and sends to details the user's mobile