ALPHAPOST+4G | Custom-made Access Control Pillar for Secure Carparks

  • Remotely managed user access to secure parking
  • Fully integrated with JustPark & YourParkingSpace
  • Retrofit any parking system – zero disruption!
  • Uplift existing parking revenues instantly
  • 4G 'help' intercom, QR-code, PIN, Caller-ID – standard.
  • Custom-branded for end-client
  • Powdercoat colour choice for pillar

Product Information

ALPHAPOST+4G | Custom-made Access Control Pillar for Secure Carparks

Access, controlled. Multiple remotely manageable access methods built into a custom-made pillar...

Bring any secure car park into the 21st century in a matter of just a few hours to make it instantly compatible with the online parking marketplace, AKA 'The Airbnb of Parking', via our on-demand parking operator partners, JustPark & YourParkingSpace. We've been helping both of these companies grow their business' with remotely 'API' managed ALPHA access control.

Featuring our flagship 4G audio intercom, flushed into premium aluminium pillar, ALPHAPOST+4G is a fully customisable next-generation on-demand access control pillar, to retrofit legacy parking technology quickly, easily and without any disruption to existing operations.

ALPHAPOST+4G is a 'pre-built'  post, ready to bolt down, with integrated digital-audio 4G GSM ntercom, PIN code keypad and QR-code reader to support access for different user groups, permanent, visitors or on-demand.

By customisng ALPHAPOST+4G for a specific use-case, permanent user access can also be via optional methods such as long-range reader (vehicle RFID) or ANPR.

ALPHAPOST is ideal for secure car parks with a range of existing users with the added benefit of  supporting the online parking marketplace to attract on-demand users to uplift revenues instantly on 'go-live'.

Designed for secure gated properties such as car parks and commercial multi-occupancy buildings. Upgrade existing access control systems with absolutely NO disruption to existing operations.

ALPHAPOST+4G sits alongside existing access control, barrier and parking ticket machines to provide more manageable and flexible user access management.

The post is a ControlFreq exclusive 'made in Britain' design, fabricated in premium-grade aluminium and coated in textured industrial-duty powdercoat. Fully branded for the end client, the end result is a professional, high-quality and reliable access control system that fits in nicely with any existing entry system.

Choose from a range of integrated access methods like GSM intercom, prox, pinpad, QR-code, long-range ID, ANPR & NFC/BLE. Supports advanced remote online management via API, web-browser or app. 

The fascia is custom-branded with a UV stable external-grade reverse printed graphic plate. This allows for the variation in access methods required, corporate image and required user instruction.

ALPHAPOST+4G is a revenue generating system. It has been fully integrated with JustPark and YourParkingSpace, the two leading on-demand parking apps in the U.K.. After installing the pillar to a secure gated car park, the spaces can be listed on these apps for 'Airbnb of parking' income generation.

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