"By 2015 every man, his dog and even his dog's collar will be connected to the internet".
Control Freq Ltd circa 2007

The 'Internet-of-Things' (IoT) is not a new concept. It has been around decades, it's just that most people don't know about it... Really, there was no need to know. In the earlier stages it didn't directly relate to everyday lives. Now it really does...

The 'Internet-of-Things' is about everyday objects being internet connected. The 'Things' transmit information (relevant to the user) to a computer or smartphone, where we can make use of the information. This is 'the Internet-of-Things'.

Think of it as the Internet 'FOR' Things... Some 'things' are a bit out there like an internet connected fridge that monitors your grocery levels. For me, personally, not necessary... Maybe you think woh! cool that's amazing. That's the thing right? This technology has a million and one applications. It's the 'Internet of Everything'. The fridge is a 'thing' and it's connected to the internet. The problem it solves and whether that's something you'd pay for is another story. 

 - Control Freq & The Internet of Things -

When Control Freq was started in 2007, it was because we had this mad idea that everything we did would revolve around that one common denominator everyone uses, the mobile phone. Why? It was through many years experience in automation, security, access control and dealing with many Property Management companies that I noticed a gap. Or so I thought...

Back then, we approached Property Managers with a solution to all their secure access issues. So many properties, so many gates and doors, PIN codes, keyfobs, tenants moving in and out, losing fobs, breaking fobs, stolen fobs that can't be removed from the system individually. So I was pitching a GSM remote control they thought 'I' was mad. 

Using mobile phones to open gates is free to use, can be added or deleted instantly and individually and is compatible with every single gate, door, shutter or barrier system on the planet, residential or commercial. So, in my mind, at least, the mobile phone access control idea made sense. I wasn't able to get this product, which now happily exists as part of the Control Freq GSM range, into the market through property managers so we came up with a GSM intercom system instead. And so, in 2007, Control Freq was born. As it happens, see a nice testimonial from a Property Manager we have since helped out.

Control Freq Ltd has come a long way from that... We're now monitoring temperatures, fire alarms, controlling water pumps, monitoring water float switches, intruder systems, bespoke solutions for virtually anything you want to control, monitor or communicate with. We do it. We've always used GSM (and SMS text messages) but now in more modern times we're also using GPRS (mobile internet) to give internet connectivity and open up the realms of possibility limited only by your imagination.

This is the Internet-of-Things. If you need a solution, check our 'off-the-shelf' products from the menu above. If you need some advice, direction or something a bit more bespoke, just call us. +44020 3478 0786. IoT. It's what we do.


"If you appreciate exceptional service, after sales support and products that have been fully scrutinised before offering them to you, check what our customers say and let's chat about your particular requirements".

Noel Sesto


Control Freq Ltd

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