OK, so this video by Corning is from 2011 with obviously some very conceptual ideas but honestly who wouldn't want this kind of technology? 

Corning smart glass countertop

It's not like you have to have all of it but sure aspects of your digital world (that you can't escape in any case) could be integrated better with your surroundings? The idea of receiving a video call on your phone (presumably via an internet (IP) source) that you can then transfer into a 'smart glass' countertop and zoom in to include other people is, in my opinion, an amazing concept.


The bathroom mirror that plays the news and pops up a SMS while you're brushing your teeth. I mean, some may say, 'Meh! whatever! Totally unnecessary!' and granted, I hear you I do, but if that was you saying 'that's a dumb idea' can you not see how unbelievably genius it is to even make it happen?

You have to agree that this 'Smart Glass' by Corning, even if some of it is only conceptual, has some amazing potential. My cogs are already turning. We're one of those companies that likes new things. You could say in the 'Early Adopter' collective. We're Innovators, Dreamers and Believers. The people that put the technology in your hands that you love, trust and couldn't do without, this is where that attitude comes from. Technology is the biggest driver of futuristic dreams. What is possibly is nearly always focused on 'technology'. What is technically possible? This glass is an example of what is technically possible in a world that awaits us and we cannot escape, like it or not.

Sure, we all have the choice to have whatever technology we choose. Some people still prefer an old school mobile phone. Others prefer a smartphone. The fact is regardless of our personal preferences when it comes to technology, it's clear, at least to me, that the future is glass.

If you like the sound of 'Smart Cities of Tomorrow' head over to the Corning website to see more videos and interesting concepts.