The Future of Parking

The future of car parks looks bright with custom built access control solutions for simple car park management.

The parking industry is witnessing unprecedented change. As leaders have set out visions to unite drivers to available parking spaces, innovators in this space have brought privately owned parking spaces such as driveways and garages onto their platforms plus expanded further to include national hotel and supermarket chains, car park operators, local businesses, local authorities and schools across the country.  

Under-utilised parking spaces have become high value assets.  

With the growth of the sharing economy, consumer appetite for anything and everything ‘on-demand’ delivers a better experience for a better price every time. Add into the mix a backdrop of inflation, a cost-of-living crisis, and more unpredictable hybrid working, it’s little wonder it’s never been easier to generate ongoing revenue business in parking.

What began as a marketplace for parking has evolved and has required digital transformation to go with it.

With this fruitful concoction of supply and demand in the parking sector, comes the need for mobile-connected access control systems to enable secure user access for pre-book customers, while simultaneously streamlining day to day operations for the site management teams. We are observing car park owners moving away from unnecessary complicated hardware and implementing simple retrofit upgrades to tap into the future of parking. 

ControlFreq provide off-the-shelf 4G hardware, custom-built solutions, web-based software, mobile connectivity and ongoing managed services to assist technology innovators, integrators, installers and service operators solve technical challenges for their customers.  

ControlFreq has worked particularly closely with innovators in the sector, JustPark and YPS, two companies who are racing to revolutionise parking in the UK.

To pivot focus from residential to commercial parking, Just Park rebranded from and began offering managed car park services, including on-demand and pre-book parking bookings. YPS was the evolution of Primal Parking, started by the CEO and Founder of YPS, which has become a global player in parking since being acquired for £120M by Flowbird. The business model of driving pre-qualified on-demand sales to a client’s car park has been proven time and time again.

ControlFreq has helped these fierce rivals get to where they’re going by providing the secure and simple means of managing user access to their client’s premises, without compromising security or impacting existing users.

The way we park has changed, for the better, and forever. It’s mobile and on-demand.

Backed by web-based (API supported) real time monitoring, ControlFreq offers low-cost, retrofit, non-disruptive 4G hardware. It means the existing access control remains untouched and isolated from the additional ‘piggy-back’ system. ControlFreq hardware simply provides a remotely controlled ‘open switch’ to enable the parking operator to open the car park gate or barrier for an authenticated user. 

ControlFreq 4G access control has helped leading car park innovators YourParkingSpace and Just Park securely manage client car parks and efficiently progress from pilot trials through to national rollout contracts for multi-national corporate clients. We are seeing a trend for simple, cost-effective solutions which don’t require expensive development and allow 24-hour access and monitoring.

ControlFreq can help any car park owner or operator tap into greater use of their parking assets using tailor-made technology hardware and software to suit each use-case. As well as uplifting parking revenues by introducing new daily pre-book users, ControlFreq simultaneously streamlines a client's previously inefficient day to day user management with an unbeatable approach of purpose-built access control hardware and software processes.

Visit our parking partner case studies for Just Park, YPS or Apcoa, or book a discovery call to find out more.

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The Future of Parking

The future of car parks looks bright.  By using custom built access solutions under-utilised car parking sites can be fully managed.

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