The answer to this is quite simply, the G-CALL GSM controller. It's a very simple and extremely reliable device that enables your phone to switch it with a frecall (missed call). The call is not answered and therefore never incurs a cost. 
All that's required is that you connect the G-CALL GSM remote controller to your equipment, be that a gate, door, lock, light, pump, server reset switch, you name it... It doesn't matter. The  G-CALL is quite simply a switch. The only difference is you call it to turn it on or off instead of a typical switch that you click with your finger. The G-CALL is controlled from your phone making it one of the most convenient and universally adaptable products available.
You may have heard that PAYG SIM cards expire if not used. As the SIM card used in a G-CALL is never actually charged, it will eventually expire. Not with G-CALL! It has a clever feature built in to avoid being cut off so you never have to worry about G-CALL failing like some similar systems on the market. With some systems on the market, you find out 3 or so months after installing it that your SIM card has expired, credit lost and device stopped working. This is not a concern with the G-CALL and one more reason why the German made G-CALL is a more reliable choice than similar products.
If you have something to switch and you want to know if the G-CALL will do it, why not call our technical guys on 020 3478 0786 on any day and ask the question?

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