A GSM door entry intercom is a SIM card based intercom that works on the mobile phone network utilising the mobile phone networks to route the audio from the intercom directly to your phone handset.

Now, GSM door entry relates to the fact that you may want to open a door or gate, or garage door. Intercom relates to the function that connects the audio between the unit and your phone.

If you don't have a door to open then you are just using the intercom function of the system and not the door entry function.

Control Freq supply own brand GSM door entry intercoms and also from manufacturers such as Videx, Farfisa, Urmet, AES and some smaller independent products with products we rate. Ultimately, you as the customer get the best selection. 

So which one do you choose?

Ask you self these questions and you will soon be look at a smaller list of products based on your needs.

1. How many properties are using the intercom?

> Only 1 property? Choose 'GSM Door Entry Kits for 1 property'

> For multiple properties such as flats or apartments? Choose 'GSM Door Entry for Multiple Properties'

2. Do I need a keypad for PIN code entry?

> Choose 'GSM Door Entry Intercoms w/ inbuilt Codepad'

3. Is vandal resistance an issue where I will install it?

> Yes? Choose 'Anti-Vandal GSM Door Entry Intercoms'

> No? Any of the GSM door entry intercoms on this site will suit. Normally he lower cost ones are not anti-vandal.


See all GSM door entry intercoms here... 

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